Is this thing on?

Greetings Earthlings! (And Martians and Betelgeusians–we don’t discriminate around here.) I’m the Librarina, Czarina of Teen Lit and nerdess extraordinaire. I enjoy long raids in Warcraft, science-fiction conventions, and complaining about the cancellation of Firefly.

But most of all, I enjoy books. Old books, new books, false books, true books. Horror books, fable books, read-them-at-the-table books.

I could go on. The point is, books are my passion, and I’m here to share some of that passion with you. In this blog I’ll post about teen books I’ve read, talk about trends in teen lit, and argue about who would win in a graphic novel free-for-all battle royale. I’d love to hear what you think, and you’re always welcome to link to the content posted here.

Happy reading!


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